$10,000 Dollar Credit

Credit World Superstore

Home of the $10,000* In-Store Instant Credit

Credit World Superstore: Where your house becomes a home. We want you to have the means to purchase what you need and want for your home. We offer you $10,000 of in-store credit, so you can start making your house a home, today! Stop by and take a look at our huge selection of furniture, appliances, and electronics.

What Is Instant Credit?

Instant credit is the amount of purchasing power you have, when you walk through our doors. Your instant in-store credit gives you the ability to choose the items you need and want for you and your family. Your $10,000* is waiting for you at Credit World Superstore! We want to help you turn your house into a home that you and your family will cherish and enjoy for years to come.

$10,000 Instant In-Store Credit

What Can You Buy with $10,000* Instant In-Store Credit?

You can use your $10,000* in-store credit towards any rent-to-own item in the store. Credit World Superstore is a one-stop shop. We have appliances, electronics, furniture, custom tires and wheels, and personal signature loans. We have competitive prices, flexible payment options, and a customer service team that will answer any of your questions. Why go anywhere else? We have everything you need!

Get what you need now!

Credit World Superstore does not have hidden fees. What you see on your contract is what you pay for your items.* We offer FREE delivery, FREE setup, and FREE service.

Room by Room, We Have Everything You Need!

$10,000 Instant Credit - No Credit Required