About Us

Credit World Superstore

Credit World Superstore is a family owned and operated business that began in 1982 with a vision of offering quality goods and services to all people from all walks of life; no one should ever be denied the privilege of owning quality furniture, appliances, or electronics. Over the past thirty years, Credit World Superstore has added additional goods and services, like custom tires and wheels and personal signature loans, but the vision has not changed. This company prides itself on offering quality merchandise at the most affordable prices and customer service that is second to no one. The Credit World Superstore family is continuously striving to make our customer's shopping experience a better one.

Thank you for choosing Credit World Superstore. We hope you have had a positive experience. We always welcome suggestions, compliments, or complaints. Do not hesitate to call, email, or write us at the corporate office.

Credit World
1611 South Gregg Street
Big Spring, TX 79720