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At Credit World rent-to-own superstores in Albuquerque, NM and West Texas, the process for getting the items you want is easy. To apply your $10,000 instant credit towards the furniture, appliances and electronics you want, just complete two steps.

Step 1: Complete the Rent-to-Own Application
We have a simple application form to collect basic contact information, income information and references. You may save yourself some time by printing out and completing the application form before you come to Credit World to select the furniture, appliances and electronics you want.

We will need to see a valid ID (e.g. local driver's license) to verify your personal information, and we will make calls to verify income information and check references. We ask for five references, three of which should be local, and we need a working phone number for all references. References may include family members and friends as well as coworkers.

Step 2: Develop a Payment Plan
With all information verified, all that is left to do before taking home your rent-to-own furniture, appliances and electronics is outlining a payment plan. Because Credit World is a locally-owned business, we are able to offer a lot of flexibility in payment terms. We take the time to understand your pay schedule and monthly budget so that we can determine an amount and schedule that meets your needs.

You have the option of early buy out (paying off your furniture, appliances, electronics, etc. ahead of schedule). If you are interested in this option, talk to your Credit World customer service team member.

Rent-to-Own Terms and Conditions
At Credit World, our mission is to help you get the furniture, appliances and electronics you want. We do everything we can to help you stick to your payment plan, including providing reminder phone calls. However, if you are late on your payment by seven days, we will assess ($5) late fees. If a change in income arises that requires you to revise your payment plan, please contact your local Albuquerque, NM or West Texas Credit World location.

Credit World rent-to-own superstores make it easy to get the furniture, appliances and electronics you want. Just complete our 2-step process!

$10,000 Instant Credit - No Credit Required